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segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010

Plug-in Super Grass para o Max 2009

O SuperGrass é um óptimo Plug-in gratuito para criar grama no 3ds max, a nova versão foi actualizada para o Max 2009 e recebeu recurso de optimização. Também oferece Shader para o Mental Ray

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Yes SuperGrass is back. After development has stopped more than two years ago simply because
of lack of time and focus on other projects. Afterwards the source code was believed to have been lost in the digital ether.
Fortunately, a version was found on a USB stick a couple of weeks ago. So theroetically speaking the development
could continue. The first thing that was done was to compile the Plug-in and mental ray shader to a newer version
of 3D Studio max, the old Plug-in was only compatible to 3D Studio Max V9. Unfortunately at the moment
we only have access to 3D Studio max Version 2009. The download section contains
a link to the new build as well as the old version that was compatible from 3D Studio Max 7 to 3D Studio Max 9.

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