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terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

AutoCAD no iPhone e iPad

Pois é brevemente os e só utilizadores do iPhone e iPad poderão utilizar o AutoCAD. Mas que AutoCAD!?
Pois bem trata-se do project Butterfly da Autodesk.e é uma tecnologia de cloud computing e a Autodesk fez um um mini Autocad online, logo é transversal a qualquer sistema operativo. Basicamente trata-se de um editor de Autocad online que suporta todos os formatos (mais recentes) do mesmo, numa emergência para trabalhos básicas funciona na perfeição.

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You may be seeing some great news in the media about the future of Project Butterfly. It’s a very exciting and significant milestone for us! We’re announcing a new mobile app for the Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as plans to release Project Butterfly as a web and mobile application we will call AutoCAD WS. Using your Butterfly (or AutoCAD WS) account you will be able to edit and share your AutoCAD drawings from a web browser or mobile device. All will be coming later this fall, so please stay tuned! If you currently have a Project Butterfly account, we will be able to email you directly when these new applications go live. If you want to be on our notification list, simply sign up for a Project Butterfly account.

What will you be able to do with the AutoCAD WS mobile app? Take a look at

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