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terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

AndCAD o AutoCAD para Android

Após o anúncio do AutoCAD para MAC, temos ai o CAD para a plataforma Android mais propriamente para os Smartphones, PDA's. Trata-se de um software para consultar ficheiros dxf assim como salvar.
Infelizmente trata-se de uma versão paga

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AndCAD 1.6.1

This application allows users to create simple geometric shapes, combined with notes, to describe plans associated with the art, architecture, engineering and manufacturing industries.

Many of the tools familiar to CAD users are incorporated into this utility, meaning that fluent CAD users will feel right at home using this tool.

The interface for this tool is simple enough for even the most novices of users to understand.

This simplicity gives novice CAD users the ability to take notes while on a job site and associate them with vector elements within the drawing.

This tool is the perfect addition for contractors, interior designers, insurance adjusters, or any other profession that may have the need to take notes, or measurements while in the field.

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