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terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2009

Upgrade DoubleCAd XT free

Já está disponível um Update from 1.0 to 1.1 para o DoubleCAd XT free conforme já foi colocado num post anterior. Veja a seguir a actualizações:

  • ‘Z’ is now the command for Zoom Window.

  • A new zooming option has been added that maintains the zoom point at its existing location.

  • ‘F8’ is now the command to toggle Ortho mode On and Off.

  • Feet and Inches and other units can be type directly into the Dynamic Input fields without changing the drawing units.

  • A Landscaping2cd symbols library has been added.

  • ‘U’ is now the command for Undo.

  • A function has been added that allows for links between architectural walls to be dropped.

  • ‘Alt+V’ is now the vertex SEKE.

  • A ‘Place on Workplane’ function has been added under the Modify Menu. This allows objects to be dropped and aligned onto the current workplane (UCS)

  • (In XT Pro) A 3DM filter for Rhinoceros support has been added.

  • (In XT Pro) A STEP filter has been added.

  • (In XT Pro) A Line Style Manager has been added that allows users to create and edit Line styles.

  • (In XT) An option has been added in the Print | Page Setup dialog to turn off the printing of the Small Watermark.

  • (In XT) A ‘Workplane by 3 Points’ has been added that allows for the creation of a workplane (UCS) through the selection of 3 points.

  • (In XT) Support for importing of .jpg, .gif, and .tif file formats of raster images has been added.

  • (In XT) A limited Style Manager has been added so users can add or modify Text styles, Dimension Styles and Table Styles.

  • ‘D’” is now the command for the Distance (measure).

Fixed items in DoubleCAD Version 1 M1

  • DoubleCAD no longer overwrites the file Icons of TurboCAD.

  • The error where ESC does it does not work until after the second point is set has been fixed.

  • A bug in the rectangle command lined function has been fixed

  • A bug where the “e” Erase command does not work when <Space> is used and <Enter> has been fixed.

  • A crash occurs in XT Pro when using the Erase tool with <ESC> or <Space> has been fixed.

  • The error that does not allow for GEOs to be used when SNAPs are off has been fixed.

  • The error where valid entries in the dynamic input fields are dropped when switching between fields has been fixed.

  • The palette called erroneously called TCExplorer has been renamed to DCExplorer.

Minor Modifications in DoubleCAD Version 1 M1

  • The Options | Preferences | Advanced settings Zoom Factor setting has been changed 2 to 1.2 for more discrete zooming.

The default setup has been changed to make the cursor more ACAD-like by turning on the "Show Isometric" box, and the "Show Snap Aperture" box.

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